How to Increase Your Odds of Winning the Mega Ball

Mega Ball is quite an exciting version of live bingo which is played online. In Mega Ball, several balls are immediately drawn from an automatic draw machine. Without having to deal with the players. The balls are colored green. Thus indicating that they are the “low cards.”

Mega Ball generator

When all the balls have been drawn. A Mega Ball generator between 5x-10x is produced and the virtual studio environment is totally changed. With the user interface emphasizing the right numbers for a big win…to infinity! When the ball makes it way out of the bingo box. It will travel forward until it hits the number or item which was colored in the pattern on top of the bingo card. This will prompt the player to either hit or miss and will cause the ball to multiply into more numbers. Up to a maximum of ten!

With just a single touch of the screen. The bingo game has been completely changed into a very exciting bitcoin game! As the ball makes its way to the five light poles, or points, it will be multiplied by a certain amount depending on the chosen code. When it reaches the bottom of the tube, or the lowest level. A special sound will be emitted. Signaling that the code is complete and will grant the player a big win! If the player has a bingo card that matches the code, then the win is doubled!

Different modes in Mega Balls

There are different modes in Mega Balls. And each mode has its own specific goal. The first mode, which you can choose to play is the “Normal” mode. Which is just like the normal versions of bingo where you need to match the winning numbers with the regular cards. The points you get in this mode will be less than what you would get from winning the jackpot prize in the” Winners Only” and” Champion” modes! The “Free” and” Frenzy” modes are basically the same as they were in the old version of the game. Except with the added “crazy time” factor. The objective of this mode is still the same – to match the numbers with the regular cards. The only difference is that you will not earn any points for guessing correctly!

Mega Ball simple strategies

Here are some simple strategies to make sure that you will eventually reach the top of the jackpot and win the mega ball game. First, do not play for longer than 10 minutes because the randomizing machine will eventually catch on to your habit and will increase your chance of losing. Second, choose the best possible letters for your words. Keeping in mind that if you have lots of difficult letters. The numbers you will come up with are fewer. You should also use numbers only if you think the pattern for the letters is already obvious.

Finally, when the numbers have been called out. Do not immediately claim your win, because you will still have an equal chance of winning again with a different sequence of numbers. This will keep you on the right track and keep you from getting too frustrated.

Next level of betting

If you think that you have reached the top of the Mega Ball and are ready for the next level of betting. Then you can change your bet to play for the full lines. Playing for the full lines means playing only for the winning five thousand x line. Which is much lower than the normal amount you can bet for. Keep in mind that it would still take a lot of luck and skill on your part to catch these five thousand of lines There is no doubt that you would stand a better chance of actually hitting it when you play for the full lines.

There are several ways on how you can adjust your game strategy to increase your chances of winning the big jackpot prize. For one thing, you can increase your bet to its maximum amount whenever you think you have reached the winning lines. This way, your potential winnings would skyrocket because you are anticipating for something good to happen. And with the mega ball, you can be rest assured that something good will definitely happen because there are only five thousand combinations for it. As opposed to the billions of other possible combinations for the normal jackpot prize.

Mega Ball feature

Another way to increase your odds of hitting it big with the Mega Ball is by changing your playing strategy from a regular bingo game to a game with the free bitcoin bonus feature. With this feature. Players can get instant money back after they play a certain number of games. With this, players can play for more games and their chances of winning will also be multiplied with the free bingo bonus.

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