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Comicsalternative.com started once the instauration members gambling and casino enthusiasts one and all got inquisitive about digital currencies. That was back in 2015 once the planet was introduced to the new wave of possibilities that bitcoin, and its underlying technology, Blockchain, could waken the world. The a lot of we tend to learned regarding these technologies and their potential, the a lot of we tend to got fascinated with the prospect of online casinos victimization cryptos.

Fast forward today, and this risk has become a reality, and this whole has been born as a result. What started as an informal search for the highest BTC casinos quickly changed into this project-a platform that endeavors to produce unbiased guides, reviews, ranking, and tutorials about cryptocurrency casinos.

The diligent team of trade consultants that we’ve assembled at comicsalternative.com each play a hand-on role in dynamical our mission and vision whereas maintaining our name for service excellence. we tend to are all united in our singular objective of total neutrality within the provision of informative content to our audience.