History of the emergence of gambling machines

80% of online casino games are bitcoin slot machines. But 15 years ago it was not like that. Few people knew about the possibility of online gambling, even in Europe. Where did it all begin?

First time gambling establishments

For the first time gambling establishments, controlled by the state, appeared more than 1000 years ago in China. In Europe, the first official gambling house opened in 1638 in Venice. After 100 years the number of establishments in Europe numbered in dozens.

Despite the development of mechanics, until the end of the XIX century, no one would create something similar to a modern gambling machine.

The first, a mechanical device that allows you to bet on combinations of symbols was officially registered only in 1905 in the United States. It had three reels and five symbols. Bell, sevens and cherries came from 1905.

The era of mechanical gambling slot machines with moving parts ended only in the early 2000s. But in parallel, even before the invention of compact game boards, there was a revolutionary event.

In 1994, when about the Internet, few people had heard even in the West, a small British company Microgaming has released an electronic casino with the ability to bet over the World Wide Web! It came complete with roulette, lotteries and about 20 slot machines. The first online casino ran on a Windows-95 PC.

In 1997, there were already more than 200 online casinos in the world. And, of course, each of them had gambling slot machines.

In 2000, the slot machines moved to mobile devices. Yes, yes! Already in 2000, mobile devices were quite advanced. They were handheld personal computers running Windows Mobile.

How do gambling slot machines work online?

It would be a mistake to think that every bitcoin casino comes up with its own machines and sets them up. Right from 1994, a trend has been defined where all casino games are provided by a third-party developer that is licensed and certified for its products. “Products” in the case of online gaming are software code.

There are two segments of the gambling market in the world: official and “gray”. Some casinos receive state licenses, while others run their gambling business without them.

The fundamental difference in the operation of online gambling machines is as follows:

An official licensed casino has no right to run slot machines from its website. The customer plays all the games on the site of the official developers. This means that it is impossible to make changes to the program code and settings.

Unlicensed casinos provide access to slot machines directly from their site, buying software code “gray” schemes or simply copying it illegally. Casinos without licenses are also called “scripted” casinos.

Why should you play online slot machines for free?

1. For recreation.

Strangely enough, but today’s slot machines cannot even play, but just use them as a sound or visual background.

Plug in a good speaker and run the online slot Spectra. Great track in the style of Dream House. By the way, almost the same can be said about Starburst.

Probably the best slot in the world at the moment in terms of richness and purity of colors is Fruit Warp. It’s trivial to use for 10-minute breaks to rest your eyes.

2. To have fun, as during the cartoons.

Excellent show in the style of “black humor” – shocking cynicism slot Esqueleto Explosivo.

3. To see how the characters of mass culture are realized in the style of slots.

After all, many literary works, movies, show business stars have a lot of fans. Here are examples:

  • Invisible Man (based on Herbert Wells);
  • Dracula;
  • Jack Hammer (based on a detective comic book);
  • Guns’n’Roses;
  • Jimi Hendrix.

Online gambling with free mode of play

1. Free mode game software providers

So, it is conceived free mode game software providers for those who have no idea what a casino and online gambling. The answer is the first: the demo mode is needed full beginners, to understand, at least on what buttons to press.

2. To learn incomprehensible functions and symbols

“Killer” case – Luchadora slot (about Mexican style wrestling Lucha Libre). Turn it on and do not understand what happens: how do these symbols in the form of animal faces work?

Even the authors of numerous reviews of this machine often don’t understand what they’re writing. It is better to be patient and for half an hour to feel the salt and pepper of this toy.

Also, a good example – the old machine Queen of Hearts. The bonus game in it at once incomprehensible. People quit after 10 minutes screaming, “what is he doing, why is he doing that?” But, after years of observation, “Queen of Hearts” – one of the most “giving” slots manufacturer Novomatic.

3. Learn the length of the game cycle

It is known that at the end of the main bonus game slot Garage is hidden 300 hundredth of a factor by which the current bet will be multiplied. This will always be the end of the game session in the plus. But what time should be spent to open the garage? Two hours, three? We will not reveal the secret. Find out for yourself in the free game.

4. Collect statistics

A feature of all games of chance – bonus games in the form of quests, where the player’s prize is directly dependent on his actions. It is absolutely certain that there are optimal sequences of choice items or opening safes. This was tested back in the “zero” years.

5. To find out what game bank will be enough to “beat” the game

Here is a classic example – Book of Ra with an anomalous distribution of payments in the bonus and main games (70/30 in favor of the bonus). “Book of Ra” devours money at a considerable rate, to give then in five, or even ten times the amount. But to whom to give it back? To a player who’s already gone, having lost to the ground?

6. Evaluate whether you like to play the machine or not

On the screen saver slot Lucky Lady’s Charm such a pretty girl! Open the slot, seduced by her appearance, and appreciate the graphics, animation and sound.