Crazy Time game review

After the successful launch of Dream Catcher and Monopoly, Live Evolution Gaming is back with yet another exciting and promising live game. Crazy Time is based on the dream-catcher money wheel concept, but with the addition of 4 exciting bonus rounds; Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time. It also has a unique Top Slot feature that can assign juicy multipliers to each spin of the money wheel.

Explaining the Mad Wheel of Time Money

The giant and colorful money reel consists of 54 segments. Each segment is numbered 1, 2, 5 or 10 or a symbol representing one of the 4 bonus rounds. Since different numbers and bonus rounds are not equally valuable, they are also unevenly distributed. This is what the Mad Time Wheel of Money looks like, with payouts included for each outcome:

  • 21 segments for number 1 (1x your bet is paid)
  • 13 segments for number 2 (paid out 2 times your stake)
  • 7 segments for number 5 (pays 5 times your stake)
  • 4 segments for the number 10 (pays 10 times your stake)
  • 4 Coin Flip Segments (Max Win 5,000x or 19,58 BTC)
  • 2 Cash Hunt segments (max win 10,000x or 19,58 BTC)
  • 2 pachinko segments (max win 10,000x or 19,58 BTC)
  • 1 Insane Time Segment (Max Win 20,000x or 19,58 BTC)

The chances of getting into one of the bonus rounds are 9/54 = 16%. This means that, on average, the bitcoin bonus game should be won approximately every 6-7 spins of the money wheel. However, in practice, of course, it is never so easy. The host will spin the wheel in opposite directions each time, and now we’ll take a closer look at all the exciting features of this live game.

What are the bonus features?

The Top Slot feature is unique to Crazy Time Live Game and is basically a regular 2 reel 1 payline slot that sits on top of the money wheel. The first reel in the top slot will have a specific betting space (number or bonus round) and the second reel will have a multiplier up to 50x. This multiplier will be applied to the respective betting location and will either increase your winnings or increase the multipliers in any of the bonus rounds.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

This is not a digital representation as you will see a real coin tossed through a machine in the studio. The coin has red and blue sides, and any side facing up will be the winner. Before flipping a coin, a multiplier will be randomly selected for each side of the coin.

Cash Hunt Bonus Round

You will see a giant screen with 108 random multipliers, and all the multipliers are covered with randomly selected symbols. Then the symbols are shuffled and you then choose the symbol that you think contains the highest possible multiplier. Each player will choose a different target to shoot at, which means different prizes will be won.

Pachinko bonus round

Takes you into a massive Pachinko wall with physical pegs and a glowing physical puck poking through the wall. The puck will land on the multiplier value or “double”, and the latter doubles all the multiplier values and gives you another chance. Here the multipliers can go up to 10,000x.

Bonus round Crazy Time

As the name suggests, this is the main attraction in this game, and you literally enter another world through a mysterious red door. Here you will see a virtual environment with a huge Ferris wheel-sized money wheel in the foreground.

You choose a blue, green, or yellow shutter before spinning the wheel and you win whatever multiplier your chosen shutter points to. You can also land on “double” or “triple” here, which effectively increases the multiplier values by 2 or 3 times. Then the massive wheel spins again and you can get a maximum of 20,000 multipliers.

How to play?

Playing Crazy Time is quite simple as you will be given a specific time (called bet time) to place your bet. The betting range is from 10p to 0,20 BTC, which is impressive and should appeal to both small players and high rollers. You are betting on numbers (1, 2, 5 and 10) and / or 4 bonus rounds.

Players can bet on just one option, or all of them if you like. You have 15 seconds to place your bet before the game starts. Then the presenter spins the money wheel, and at the same time the top slot spins. If you win by number bet, the Top Spin multiplier will be applied, if applicable, and you will receive your payout. If you win with a bonus round bet, the corresponding bonus game will be played as described above.


With huge payouts of up to 19,58 BTC, this recently released live game offers plenty of opportunities for insane wins and nerve-racking moments. Basically, these are 4 games wrapped in one and it is similar to other live steroid games. Crazy Time lives up to its name, and any live gaming fan should try it.