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Episode 197: Reviews of Cousin Joseph, Bounty #1, and The Paybacks #1

Mercenaries This week on The Comics Alternative podcast, those funky PhDs, Andy and Derek, discuss three recent titles revolving around the mercenary side of crime fighting. They begin with Jules Feiffer’s Cousin Joseph (Liveright Publishing), the second in a planned trilogy of noir-tinged graphic

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Review: Kill My Mother

by Harry Brod Kill My Mother – Jules Feiffer (Liveright-Norton) The press release for Jules Feiffer’s Kill My Mother touts it as “his first graphic novel.” This is either quibbling about words or astounding and willful historical amnesia. Feiffer published Tantrum

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Jules Feiffer

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] “We said things that made Jules Feiffer laugh” On this Veteran’s Day, the Two Guys salute one of the most talented, and certainly the most satirical, men to serve in the U.S. military: Jules Feiffer. They

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