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The Two Guys with PhDs launched their Patreon campaign to help ensure the quality, consistency, and timeliness of The Comics Alternative podcast. To find out more about their campaign, and to support their efforts, please visit their Patreon page. Supporting the podcast at any amount is greatly appreciated, and the guys have a lot of patrons who support the show for just $1 or $2 a month. But everyone who pledges at least $3/month becomes a proud Podcast Patron of the The Comics Alternative and will receive regular recognition (on the podcast and on the blog) for their generosity.

Andy and Derek thank these individuals who are now official Podcast Patrons of the show:

  • Jay Loving – became patron 6/16/17
  • Bob Hinsdale – became patron 5/11/17
  • Davis Morgan – became patron 2/6/17
  • Alla Rull – became patron 12/26/16
  • Stergios Botzakis – became patron 11/4/16
  • Scott Bufis – became patron 9/29/16
  • Christopher Baird – became patron 8/28/15
  • Art Bowshier – became patron 6/24/15
  • Daniel White – became patron 6/10/15
  • Salgood Sam – became patron 2/4/15
  • Don Witzel – became a patron 10/9/14
  • David Campbell – became patron 8/24/14
  • Rainer Koschnick – became patron 8/21/14