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“I’m a tentacle artist”

DalrympleDerek and Andy are pleased to have as their latest guest Farel Dalrymple, the author of the new book from First Second, The Wrenchies. The guys talk with Farel about his ideas behind the project, its narrative density, Ferel’s highly detailed art, the prevalence of insects andWrenchies ooze, his cool way of drawing villains, and the book’s large cast of characters. (And, thank god, no one  mentions The Goonies anytime in the conversation.) Andy is particularly impressed by Sherwood (the protagonist) and his medallion, and Derek is more than a little creeped out by the abundance of tentacles in The Wrenchies and how they bore into people’s eyes and latch onto their heads. He even notes this tendency in Farel’s Omega the Unknown from several years ago. The Two Guys have Farel discuss his latest book in great detail, talk with him about ending up at First Second, ask him talk about some of his other projects, and then take conversational detours into movies and other pop culture stuff. It’s a fun conversation, almost as cool as the wonderful hide-outs that Farel creates for his young characters in The Wrenchies. You definitely have to check out this book!


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