Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 67: Our Favorite Comics of 2013

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Our Favorites…’Nuf Said!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And no, this isn’t really a reference to much mistltoeing and hearts that are glowing. It’s  better than that. It’s time for

Andy and Derek’s end-of-the-year top ten favorites episode!

Best2013The Two Guys with PhDs (who talk about comics) like to end the year by highlighting their favorite titles of the past twelve months. These could be ongoing series, limited runs or miniseries, one-shots, trades, original graphic novels, webcomics, or archival collections. So for this week’s episode, Derek and Andy each choose their favorite ten comics from 2013 and then share that list with one another. They don’t necessarily rank them in any order — although Andy does reveal the #1 title on his list — and neither knows of the other’s ten favorites before they record the podcast. As such, the Guys not only have a great time discussing the year’s best comics, but also in discovering what each other feels is truly his favorite. There are a few overlaps between Andy and Derek’s choices, but even more significantly,  there are some big surprises in each one’s list!

Andy’s Top 10 of 20132013-1

Derek’s Top 10 of 20132013-2

The Honorable Mentions…These Titles Almost, but Just Didn’t Quite, Make It onto either Derek and Andy’s Lists

For Derek:

For Andy:

Hey Kids! Fun Facts!

  • The most represented publisher on both guys’ lists is First Second!
  • Andy chose more series than Derek did!
  • DC/Vertigo and Drawn and Quarterly show up a lot on Derek’s lists!
  • Andy’s been reading a lot of First Second titles!
  • Derek’s very surprised that Marble SeasonThe Property, or The Amazing, Enlightening and Absolutely True Adventures of Katherine Whaley didn’t appear on his Top 10 list!
  • There’s a Jonathan Hicks groove going on with Andy!
  • Several creators on The Guys’ 2013 list — Matt Fraction, Brian K. Vaughn, Bill Willingham, Jonathan Hickman, Gilbert Hernandez, and Matt Kindt — were also on their 2012 lists!

So start roasting those chestnuts and come experience the joy this holiday season by listening to Andy and Derek’s special year-end podcast!

Discover several of The Guys’ favorites of 2013:

This episode’s incidental music is made up of still more
holiday obscura collected by Andy Cirzan!

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