Episode 193: Live at HeroesCon 2016

Where the Action Is


This past weekend, Andy and Derek attended HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC, where they had a table in Artists Alley. On each of the three days of the event they recorded brief segments about their experiences at the con, the people they met, the panels they attended, and the comics they were able to find. So for this week’s episode, you’ll hear those recordings and get to experience the 2016 HeroesCon vicariously through the unique perspectives of the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics. Among the many things discussed are the guys’ encounters with creators in Artists Alley, Andy’s attempts to sell his Harley Quinn– and Suicide Squad-related comics, the unexpected physical dangers of tabling at the con, Derek’s spirited find of Will Eisner reprints, the travails of trying to sell branded merchandise when you’re not an artist, old racist comic books, and cosplayers who really don’t give a damn what people think. But, as with last year’s event, the highlight of HeroesCon 2016 was meeting dedicated fans of The Comics Alternative podcast and meeting new people who are sure to become new listeners. And during the guys’ daily recordings, they talk with some of these individuals on mic.

Much thanks to the Two Guys’ dedicated and lovely assistant, Zoe Royal, for helping out at the table and for taking pictures of the guys in action on the floor of Artists Alley!



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