Episode 186: The May Previews Catalog

Big Heads


Hold on to your butts! It’s another substantive, jam-packed episode where the Two Guys look through the latest Previews catalog. And for May, Andy W. and Derek see a lot of good stuff, enough to make this a longer-than-average episode. (Yes, the guys are going into 2+ hours territory again, but only slightly.) Among the many solicits Andy and Derek highlight are of titles from publishers such as

In addition, Derek and Andy discuss other matters, including a correction from last week’s publisher spotlight — Melissa Mendes’s Lou is actually an Alternative Comics publication, not from Hic + Hoc — and an email of appreciation they received from Jon Allen whose book, Ohio Is for Sale, was discussed in that same episode. They also talk a little bit about this coming weekend’s Free Comic Book Day, wonder over the new Image+ insert magazine (and Andy is pissed that he didn’t get one with his copy of Previews), poke fun at Millarworld, and point out the truly freaky and absolutely unnecessary Big Head Walking Dead figures they saw in the catalog.

Preorder your copies of some of the titles mentioned in this episode:


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