Episode 138: The June Previews Catalog

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“We’re all about the twisted”

PreviewsJune15We’re in the opening days of June, so that means it’s time for another look at the Previews catalog. At the beginning of every month, the Two Guys like to take a gander at the current Previews, flipping through its many pages and highlighting those upcoming releases that really capture their attention. And even if there are comics that neither Derek nor Andy W. plans on getting himself, if they think it’s interesting enough for listeners, then they’ll mention those titles as well. As with the May Previews show — which had a running time of over two hours! — this episode is quite substantial, since there are so many books that the guys feel are worth mentioning. Some are from popular publishers, some will be released through smaller and more obscure presses. But as always, it’s a great mix of titles. So get out your checklists, and listen up! Among the many publishers and titles that Andy and Derek highlight are

There are so many titles listed on this show that it would be impossible to review them all in the coming months. And in fact, Derek and Andy invite listeners to consider reviewing books for The Comics Alternative‘s blog. This is a way of covering material that the Two Guys aren’t able to get to on their regular review shows. The blog already has an impressive roster of contributors, and if you have a penchant for critical writing and you love comics, then becoming a reviewer for the blog might be for you. And it will helping the guys get to as many of the books highlighted on this show as possible. So drop them a line if you’re interested!

Check out some of the upcoming books discussed on this month’s Previews episode:


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