Pedro Moura

Pedro Moura is a Portuguese comics critic, writing mainly for his own blog, but he has also written for International Journal of Comics Art, SuccoAcido, and more recently, among other publications, both paper and online. He is also pursuing his PhD on trauma and comics in Lisbon, Portugal, and Leuven, Belgium. He has curated several comics exhibitions, including a substantial one on contemporary comics, entitled Tinta nos Nervos, presented at a major art museum in Portugal, the Museu Colecção Berardo, and a smaller one on experimental comics that was also presented in Virginia, US, co-curated with Warren Crahgead III. He has written a television documentary on Portuguese comics, organises the Portuguese Conference on Comics (three editions so far), and as taught in several places comic-related subjects (history, theory, writing). He has worked mainly as a teacher and translator, but also has done some writing gigs, including comics.

Articles by Pedro: