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Interview: Ian Gordon

Conducted by Pedro Moura While not the first book from Palgrave MacMillan delving into comics, Kid Comic Strips. A Genre Across Four Countries is one of the first volumes from the publisher’s newly-minted series, “Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic

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Interview: Christopher Pizzino

Conducted by Pedro Moura Christopher Pizzino, Arresting Development: Comics at the Boundaries of Literature. University of Texas Press: Austin, TX: 2016. I have no doubt that Christopher Pizzino’s book, Arresting Development, will become a reference we will return to time

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Interview: Maaheen Ahmed

Conducted by Pedro Moura   Maaheen Ahmed, Openness of Comics. Generating Meaning within Flexible Structures. Jackson, MI: The University Press of Mississippi: 2016.   Maaheen Ahmed is a young, active, and promising comics scholar, whose output will undoubtedly become a

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Interview: Nicolas Labarre

Conducted by Pedro Moura                     Heavy Metal, l’autre Métal Hurlant (“Heavy Metal, the Other Métal Hurlant”) came out earlier this year by the Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux. While there is no

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Interview: Nick Sousanis

Conducted by Pedro Moura Ever since Unflattening was published it has triggered much discussion. Nick Sousanis’ book, a result of his PhD dissertation in comics form, is one of those projects that deserves less an epidermal response in the form

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Interview: Simon Grennan

Dispossession Grennan

Conducted by Pedro Moura Simon Grennan is both an artist and a scholar working within the medium of comics, although he has worked with many other media. He has a creative partnership with artist Christopher Sperandio, with whom he has

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Interview: Seth

Conducted by Derek Royal Would it be an overstatement to call Seth comics’ standard-bearer? Perhaps that’s too heavy a weight to place on the 53-year-old Canadian cartoonist, and perhaps he’d bristle over such a designation. But if Scott McCloud is the

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Interview: Tim Lane

Conducted by Derek Royal Tim Lane is one of those comics creators who may fly under many readers’ radar. He is prolific, no question, but his output isn’t defined by frequent book publications and high-profile projects. He is the kind of

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Interview: Deborah E. Whaley

We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Deborah E. Whaley, Professor of American Studies at University of Iowa, about her new book, Black Women in Sequence: Re-Inking Comics, Graphic Novels, and Anime, published by University of Washington in 2015. 

Interview: Julia Round

Conducted by Pedro Moura Earlier this year, I interviewed Julia Round via email a propos her Gothic in Comics and Graphic Novels: A Critical Approach (McFarland). This is a concise 200-plus page tome that focuses on the intersection of this

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Interview: Liniers

Conducted by Beth C. “Wow!” is a small and often overused word of praise, but Liniers’s Written and Drawn by Henrietta is a Wow!-inspiring book. It is the newest addition to the Level Three Easy-to-Read Comics published by TOON Books. Simply put, it tells the story of a young

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Peter Bagge Interview Collection

The University Press of Mississippi just published the latest in their Conversations with Comic Artists series, Peter Bagge: Conversations. This collection is edited by Kent Worcester, and it includes a variety of interviews with Bagge published between 1988 and 2014.

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