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Interview: Seth

Conducted by Derek Royal Would it be an overstatement to call Seth comics’ standard-bearer? Perhaps that’s too heavy a weight to place on the 53-year-old Canadian cartoonist, and perhaps he’d bristle over such a designation. But if Scott McCloud is the

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Interview: Tim Lane

Conducted by Derek Royal Tim Lane is one of those comics creators who may fly under many readers’ radar. He is prolific, no question, but his output isn’t defined by frequent book publications and high-profile projects. He is the kind of

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Peter Bagge Interview Collection

The University Press of Mississippi just published the latest in their Conversations with Comic Artists series, Peter Bagge: Conversations. This collection is edited by Kent Worcester, and it includes a variety of interviews with Bagge published between 1988 and 2014.

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Interview: Joe Ollmann

Conducted by Derek Royal I first became familiar with Joe Ollmann’s work while researching comic-book adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems. In a volume of Eureka Publications’ Graphic Classics series, one devoted to Poe, I discovered a wonderful

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Review: Bumf, Vol. 1: I Buggered the Kaiser

by Derek Royal Bumf, Vol. 1: I Buggered the Kaiser – Joe Sacco (Fantagraphics) Comics historians rightly point out that the underground comix of the 1960s and 1970s helped to give birth to the contemporary graphic novel…or to be more

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Critical Takes: Ed vs. Yummy Fur: Or, What Happens When a Serial Comic Becomes a Graphic Novel, by Brian Evenson

by Derek Royal Ed vs. Yummy Fur: Or, What Happens When a Serial Comic Becomes a Graphic Novel, by Brian Evenson (Uncivilized Books) For those familiar with the works of Chester Brown, the contorted saga of Ed the Happy Clown may be an

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Review: Fear, My Dear

by Derek Royal Fear, My Dear – Dean Haspiel (Z2 Comics) Readers of the ACT-I-VATE Comix website will recognize the subject matter of Dean Haspiel’s new book, Fear, My Dear. Many of his Billy Dogma stories — which ACT-I_VATE describes as “personal love letter[s] to

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Critical Takes: Studying Comics and Graphic Novels, by Karin Kukkonen

by Derek Royal Studying Comics and Graphic Novels, by Karin Kukkonen (Wiley-Blackwell) As instructors are increasingly using comics in the classroom — and especially as more college programs are devoting entire courses to comics studies — the need for a textbook introducing

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Review: What We Need to Know

by Derek Royal What We Need to Know – Willy Linthout (Conundrum Press) When I think about comics and Canadian publishers, Drawn and Quarterly immediately comes to mind. Since 1990, they have been a leader in publishing the work of North American

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Critical Takes: American Comic Book Chronicles: 1965-1969, by John Wells

by Derek Royal American Comic Book Chronicles: 1965-1969, by John Wells (TwoMorrows Publishing) For a little more than a year and a half, TwoMorrows Publishing has been engaged in an ambitious effort: to produce quality, hardback volumes that provide a

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Interview: Jesse Lonergan

Conducted by Derek Royal Jesse Lonergan’s latest graphic novel, All Star, was released earlier this year from NBM Publishing. It’s his third book, and it stands as yet another demonstration of the artist’s growth. Lonergan established his artistic terrain in

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Critical Takes: Narrative Structure in Comics, by Barbara Postema

by Derek Royal Narrative Structure in Comics, by Barbara Postema (RIT Press) Over the past year there have been a number of studies focusing specifically on the formal properties of comics or the ways in which their stories are told. Texts such as

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