A Message from Andy

Hey, everyone, this is Andy. I just wanted to let the listeners know that I am leaving The Comics Alternative podcast. Over the past year, I have had difficulty keeping up with the demands of a regular podcast schedule. I’ve been taking some time off of the podcast in the past few months in order to get back on track, but rather than continue having Derek line up temporary co-hosts, I thought it would be best to step away and let a new, permanent co-host come in and replace me.

The past five years on The Comics Alternative have been a blast. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to read some great comics, interview my favorite creators, and connect with listeners. I got to discover new comics that I wouldn’t have found on my own, and I got to cross off some items from my Bucket List by interviewing many of my comic book heroes. I’ve also made new friends through the interviews, connections with listeners, and work with the other co-hosts.

I’m truly grateful to Derek for thinking of me when he first got the idea to do a podcast featuring a couple of academics. Derek has built something great with The Comics Alternative, expanding it in many directions, all the while serving as a positive force for good comics and a place for smart, insightful talk about the medium. I know that will continue.

I’d also like to thank Gwen Tarbox, Gene Kannenberg, Paul Lai, Sean Kleefeld, Shea Hennum, Andy Wolverton, and everyone else who has been involved in the podcast in some capacity. I had a great time working with all of you, and I appreciate you all filling in for me during various absences from the show.

I’ve also enjoyed the chance to connect with listeners over the years. I said many times on the show that I felt like I was just having a fun conversation with a friend about comics, and it just happened that it was recorded and shared with others. The positive feedback and support from listeners made it more than just a fun conversation, and it helped keep me going with the podcast even when it was becoming more and more difficult to manage the time required to do it. So, thanks to all the listeners who reached out through email or talked to me at conventions and conferences. Now, I get to be a listener and fan myself. I’ll definitely need that monthly Previews episode because I don’t know what comics to order without it.

Thanks again to everyone involved in the podcast, and especially to Derek for making it all possible.


The Comics Alternative is a podcast and blog focused on the world of alternative, independent, and primarily non-superhero comics.

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