Planet of the Apes slot review

Planet of the Apes slot machine is dedicated to the famous movie Planet of the Apes, and it is a development of the company NetEnt, so the high-quality emulator, great picture and good sound is not surprising, because this developer is always responsible for creating their projects.

Free online slot Planet of the Apes is one of the most interesting and exciting machines, as it has a lot of additional and unique features and bonus games.

Planet of the Apes slot symbols

As the basic images in this apparatus are chosen characters from the famous film. Thus, there are monkeys and people who are the main characters in the film. Are present in the slot and special characters that are characterized by additional features. These include:

Wild symbol. Wild character is present in one area of the game, and the other. Each of them makes up their own combinations, and also replaces the missing base picture in the other strings. The only symbol that cannot replace the wild is the scatter. However, this symbol falls in vertical stacks, and sometimes replace the entire column at once. They are also involved in the bonus rounds.

Scatter symbol. Also present in both areas of the game, and does not depend on the location of the paylines. Winnings in this case are awarded for the collection of combinations at the total bet. If 3 or more scatter symbols are collected, free spins of the reels are triggered in the zone in which the player managed to collect them.

Bonus game and slot prizes rounds

A huge selection of bitcoin bonus features allows players to fully enjoy the dynamism of the gameplay, and not only have fun, but also opportunities to win in the slot:

  • When performing regular spins, the player can choose one symbol each to fall on one of the screens. When this happens, the selected symbol sticks to its spot, and stays there for several spins. Because of this, the pictures can assemble into winning combinations much faster.
  • As soon as the screen appears one of the main characters in the film, whether it is a monkey or a man, the player gets extra coins. Produced this feature on one of the zones.
  • Also, people and monkeys can turn into a single symbol, which is determined at random. This function can also be performed only on one of the zones.
  • If one reel on one of the screens is completely occupied by a wild symbol, it will be duplicated in the mirror position to the same column on the adjacent zone.
  • Free spin game. It is triggered on the reel, where the scatter symbols were collected. During the free spins, additional features, multipliers, as well as the activation of the accumulation of additional jokers can be triggered.

Planet of the Apes slot free play

In the Planet of the Apes slot there are two playing fields with the presence on them of two sets of reels. The gameplay on each of them unfolds independently of each other. The player watches both at the same time. The two zones of the machine correspond to two different parts of the film from the latest franchise of the famous movie. The number of paylines on each of the fields is 20 pieces. And bets on them vary widely enough, ranging from 1 cent to $ 10.

Each of the areas of the bitcoin slot machine is characterized by a decent set of additional features. So the player can use them in full.

Planet of the Apes slot is not only a great gift to all fans of the movie, but also a great trip. Which many players will remember as one of the best and unforgettable in his life!