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Interview: Nicolas Labarre

Conducted by Pedro Moura                     Heavy Metal, l’autre Métal Hurlant (“Heavy Metal, the Other Métal Hurlant”) came out earlier this year by the Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux. While there is no

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Episode 197: Reviews of Cousin Joseph, Bounty #1, and The Paybacks #1

Mercenaries This week on The Comics Alternative podcast, those funky PhDs, Andy and Derek, discuss three recent titles revolving around the mercenary side of crime fighting. They begin with Jules Feiffer’s Cousin Joseph (Liveright Publishing), the second in a planned trilogy of noir-tinged graphic

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Episode 105: Reviews of Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever, Masterful Marks, and Wytches #1

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] “Pledged is pledged” On this week’s episode of the podcast, Andy and Derek explore the worlds of hardcore cohabitation, biographical brilliance, and wood witches. They begin with Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever, the new collection from Tom

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Interview: Richard Corben

Conducted by Derek Royal Let’s be blunt: Richard Corben is a legend. From his early underground comix — in titles such as Slow Death, Skull, and Grim Wit — to his seminal work in Métal Hurlant (and the American Heavy Metal) and

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