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Review: The Return of the Honey Buzzard

By Pedro Moura The Return of the Honey Buzzard– Aimée de Jongh (SelfMadeHero) We have come a long way since the emergence of book-long & -bound comics. For a reader of my age (40ish), exposed to different international models, from

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Jamie Richards and Edward Gauvin

Invisible No More Over the past several years, the Two Guys with PhDs have reviewed a lot of books in translation. But what they’ve tended to overlook, more times than not, is the translator of the work, the individual who

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Episode 184: Reviews of 5,000 km Per Second, Circuit Breaker #1 & #2, and Dept. H #1

A Colorful Episode This week Gwen and Derek take a look at three new titles, each of which is as visually stunning as it is a great story. They start off with Manuele Fiore’s 5,000 km Per Second (Fantagraphics), translated from the Italian by Jamie

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