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Comics Alternative Interviews: Gabby Schulz

Time Codes: 00:00:25 – Introduction 00:02:18 – Setup of interview 00:04:43 – Interview with Gabby Schulz 01:11:55 – Wrap up 01:14:04 – Contact us “The sewage of negativity I bring to comics” In an interview that is a long time in coming, Gwen

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Alec Longstreth

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Conversation from the Basewood On this episode of The Comics Alternative Interviews, Derek and Andy W. talk with Alec Longstreth about his recent book, Basewood, as well as his self-published minicomic series, Phase 7. They ask him about the

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Review: Basewood

by Derek Royal Basewood – Alec Longstreth (Phase Seven Comics) A man wakes up in a densely wooded area with a bleeding head and one missing shoe. He can’t remember how he got there, and more disturbingly, he can’t remember exactly

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