Review: Lobster Is the Best Medicine: A Collection of Comics about Friendship

by Beth C.

Lobster Is the Best Medicine: A Collection of Comics about Friendship – Liz Climo  (Running Press)


I fell hard for Liz Climo from the very first comic in her debut collection of comics, The Little World of Liz Climo. That very first strip won my heart, and all the rest that followed did not disappoint. Remember this first one? Oh how I love it!

My fangirly-ness for Climo’s debut must have really showed in my review because part of it was excerpted in the press release for Climo’s newest collection, Lobster Is the Best Medicine: A Collection of Comics about Friendship. It was a major surprise to see myself blurbed!


But, let’s talk about Lobster is the Best Medicine. This new collection contains 100 comics, 75 of which are exclusive to the book and cannot be found on her Tumblr account, Hi, I’m Liz. I am pleased to report that all the things I loved about Little World are present in this new collection. There are those same quirky animals trying to make sense of their present situations, most surprisingly situations that somehow even we two-legged folk can relate to. And of course, all the comics are drawn in Climo’s charming and non-fussy artistic style.


However, I need to step down off my fangirl soapbox for a moment. Am I the only one who has noticed that this new collection is the same price ($14) as last year’s debut collection but is smaller in size and contains 50 less comics? Just an observation. I still have much love for the wit and creativity of Liz Climo.


Check out the world of Liz Climo:


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