Review: Deep Dark Fears

by Beth C.

Deep Dark Fears – Fran Krause (Ten Speed Press)

We all have deep dark fears but we usually keep them a deep dark secret. We don’t even tell our BFFs or significant others about them. Nor do we write them down in our journals lest snooping eyes read our private, fearful thoughts. Yet when we go online, many of us throw caution to the wind DDFand don’t hold back when it comes to sharing deeply personal information. There’s just something about blogging, message board groups, and social media sites that give users both a sense of anonymity and community that cause many to divulge all sorts of private tidbits with strangers online. And that’s exactly what happened with Fran Krause’s Deep Dark Fears project.

Krause’s Deep Dark Fears webcomic has evolved from a solo gig to collaboration between himself and his readers. At first, Krause used the comic to showcase his own irrational fears. But soon his readers began sharing their own fears and stories for him to illustrate and ultimately share with his over 270,000 followers. Bodily injury, perception of reality, ghosts and doppelgangers, and death are common themes found in the fears. A hundred and one of the Deep Dark Fears webcomic strips have been hand-picked by Krause for this collection, and fifty are exclusive to the book and do not appear on the Deep Dark Fears Tumblr site.

If you have irrational fears then you will find an odd comfort in this collection of comics knowing that you are not alone with your whack-a-doo thoughts. On the other hand, you’ll find plenty of new fears that you never thought of before that will now freak you out! Deep Dark Fears is the perfect gift for anxious scaredy-cats — hey, I’m not hatin’…I’m one of them! — as well as for anyone in the field of psychology or psychiatry.






Want more? Check out Krause’s Tumblr site for more comics! And to learn more about Krause, visit his website!

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