On Location: Our November Discussion at Collected Comics in Plano

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Derek is back at his local comic shop, Collected in Plano, TX, and this month he’s talking with customers and employees about comics that are obscure, don’t get much appreciation, or have gone unnoticed by most readers. He asks his guests about what they think flies under most people’s radar, and the answers he gets are varied and fascinating. Some respond with comics coming out from premium publishers, some with works by creators that you would think had a publicity stranglehold, and others with indie or alternative titles from young artists or unlikely outlets. In fact, the guests bring up the obscurity of several publishers and how it seems that most of their output goes unnoticed by general comics readers. Along with this, Derek and company speculate on why certain titles (or certain publishers) go unnoticed, the discrepancies in PR and marketing, the challenges of cross-media publishers, and the context of audience and what certain reading communities might consider “mainstream” or “obscure.” As always, it’s a lively discussion at Collected Comics…which is an excellent place to discover new and little-known comics!

Check out some of the titles discussed on this month’s on-location show:


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