On Location: Our Last (?) Visit to Valhalla Games and Comic

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

This just may be the last on-location episode of The Comics Alternative conducted from Valhalla Games and Comics in Plano, TX. Derek is moving to North Carolina and will no longer be in the DFW area to do these shows. But customers of Valhalla and friends of the podcast, both long-timers and new listeners, come by the shop to say a fond farewell…and talk about comics. Joining Derek for this special episode are Craig, Matt, Jay, Tristan, and Kelly. Their interests are diverse, so the conversation reflects that. And they cover a lot of ground, so listen up!

Partings are tough. But as David Gates once sang, “Goodbye doesn’t mean forever.”

Check out some of the titles discussed on our on-location episodes:



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