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Clown Love

MiltGrossNYCraig Yoe is back for his fourth interview appearance on The Comics Alternative, and this time he has two wacky new books to share with everyone, both from IDW Publishing and Yoe! Books. First, he talks with Derek and Andy about Milt Gross’ New York, a “lost” graphic novel that was originally published in 1939 to capitalize on that year’s New York World’s Fair. Copies of the original paperback are very difficult to find, but Craig was able to get his hands on one — thanks to eBay — and then work his wonders in what he does best: restoring and reproducing in beautiful editions classic, often obscure, comics from our past. The result is a sturdy hardback volume that PopYoeshowcases the wild and breakneck style of Milt Gross. Originally published by Bystander Press and titled That’s My Pop! Goes Nuts for Fair: A Cartoon Tour of New York, it features Gross’s famous (at the time) character Pop, a proto-Homer Simpson, and his admiring son as they tour New York City, it’s neighborhoods, its nightlife, its culture, its food, its busy streets, and then finally ending up at the World’s Fair. Craig discusses the significance of Milt Gross to comics history and how his work is often overlooked. More to the point, much of the conversation centers on this new edition and how it could be read as a defining example of the cartoonist, who Craig sees as one of America’s funniest artists. Next, Derek and Andy talk with their guest about a second new publication from Yoe! Books, Weird Love, Vol. 1: You Know You Want It. It was almost a year ago that the Two Guys interviewed Craig about the WeirdLoveCoverinaugural issue of his semi-monthly series, Weird Love, and now that the first collected volume is out, they wanted to talk with him about his further adventures in finding strange stories masquerading as romance comics. Over the course of their conversation, the guys talk about hippy love, misogyny, spanking, communism, escorts, molls, Ronald Reagan, wayward girls, body image, and perhaps most disturbing of all (at least for Derek), clown love. As with every interview with Craig, the conversation never flags, is filled with fun and unlikely topics, and you’re not entirely sure where things will end up. The guys also talk with Craig about the fifth anniversary of Yoe! Books, a topic they discussed back in January, and how that year-long celebration is going. All in all, it’s a fun conversation…as it usually is with this guest. Craig’s been on the show so many times that he’s almost becoming an honorary cohost of The Comics Alternative. But that’s fine with Andy and Derek, and they plan to have him back for more conversation in the months to come.


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