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Time Travels and a Cursed Family

McCulloch-PeruzzoOn this episode of The Comics Alternative Interviews, the Two Guys with PhDs talk with Derek McCulloch and Anthony Peruzzo, the team behind the new graphic novel from Image, Displaced Persons. This is McCulloch’s second time on the podcast, and Andy and Derek waste no time in pointing out thematic links between the new book and many of McCulloch’s other works, particularly Gone to Amerikay and Stagger Lee. The guys talk with the creators about the genesis of Displaced Persons, its unexpectedly long gestation period, and many of the challenges they faced in presenting such an involved and complex story. Without giving away any spoilers — and that was difficult to do, given the fact that key discussion buy generic levitra online points in the narrative were also potential reveals — the Two DisplacedGuys talk with McCulloch about his strategies for mapping out the graphic novel, comprising three distinct but inextricably linked stories, and Peruzzo’s use of art to differentiate narrative threads and capture the tone of particular time periods. It’s an enlightening conversation where more time is spent discussing the process of creation rather than on the specifics of the story itself. This is without question one of the most ambitious comics of 2014 so far, one that Andy and Derek will surely revisit during their year-end episode.

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