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“Porn for a person who likes fairy tales and not porn”

FinckOn this episode of The Comics Alternatives Interviews, Andy and Derek talk with Liana Finck, a New York-based artist whose first book, A Bintel Brief: Love and Longing in Old New York, has just been released through Ecco Press. In their conversation, the Two Guys ask Liana about the idea behind her project — based on the “Bintel Brief” section BintelBriefthat appeared in Der Forverts (The Forward) under Abraham Cahan’s editorship — how she discovered Cahan’s work and what it meant to her, and the autobiographical links that are present in the book. Liana also discusses her work as a graphic artist, her newness to comics writing, and future projects she currently has underway. In terms of the latter, you can follow her latest installments of the new serial, Diary of a Shadow, as well as see sample pages from A Bintel Brief, at her website,


NOTE: Liana wishes to acknowledge that her comments in the interview about kids’ books, tradition, and gender, are actually based on an observation made by Tahneer Oksman during a panel discussion at New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage earlier this month. Participants included Liana, Miriam Katin, and Eli Valley. The panel was moderated by Tahneer, and her comments resonated with Liana.

Get your copy of A Bintel Brief, and check out some of the books about Abraham Cahan and the history of The Forward:

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