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RyanBrowneIt’s another episode of The Comics Alternative Interviews, and this time Andy and Derek talk with Ryan Browne, the comedic mastermind behind God Hates Astronauts. On the show, Ryan discusses his new ongoing series from Image Comics, how it springs from the first volume of God Hates Astronauts, and the challenges and changes he’s encountered GHAgoing from a self-published webcomic to an monthly series. The guys have a fun time talking about the weird characters and the almost indescribable plot that make up God Hates Astronauts…and how the weird indescribability is what makes the title such a success. They also ask Ryan about his experiences on Kickstarter, his other webcomic (as yet incomplete), Blast Furnace, and his work with Jonathan Hickman on Manhattan Projects. There’s a lot of laughing in this episode, but there’s also a lot of insight and serious discussion on the art of comedy in comics. If you haven’t already, and after listening to this show, go preorder your copy of God Hates Astronauts #1.

Plus, there is a good bit of Mystery Science Theater 3000 talk in the conversation. How cool is that?!

Visit Ryan Brown’s website for a glimpse into his universe.


Get the first volume of God Hates Astronauts as well as other works by Brown:

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