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“Smart is the new sexy”

Balent-GolightlyOn this episode of The Comics Alternative Interviews, Derek has a post-Halloween conversation with the creators behind BroadSword Comics, Jim Balent and Holly Golightly. They talk about their unique collaborative relationship — both personally and professionally — and their various creative endeavors over the years. More specifically, Derek asks them about their upcoming new Kickstarter campaign, “Crossover,” which will bring together the worlds of Tarot-90Jim’s Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose and Holly’s School Bites. In the corse of the conversation, the two artists share the story behind their strong work ethnic, Jim’s time illustrating Catwoman and its links to the character Tarot, the ins and outs of running an indie press, Holly’s history with music celebrities (and 1980s pop culture), their many experiences with their dedicated fan base, the challenges of creating a webcomic, the impact of Holly’s social media savvy, and a few of the negative reactions they’ve received from social conservatives. They wrap up their talk with Holly dubbing The Comics Alternative a smart and sexy podcast…perhaps one of the best compliments that the Two Guys have ever received. Much thanks, Holly!

Check out the works of Jim and Holly, both BroadSword and beyond:

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