Rules of Engagement for the Forum

These are the basic rules of The Comics Alternative forums. Please contact the administrator if you have any questions.
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Rules of Engagement for the Forum

Postby Derek » Thu May 08, 2014 9:52 am

Here are the basic rules for using the forums:

- First and foremost, be nice when using The Comics Alternative forum. Think of this as akin to the Golden Rule: do unto others, and all of that.
- Do not provide spoilers. If you want to share an ending, plot twist, or narrative disclosure that might disrupt someone's reading experience, do so privately and off of this forum.
- Do not demonstrate any offensive behavior. We're not puritanical on the forum, but if you do use profanity, do so in a way that will not attack or demean others. Also, please be careful when posting images. Do not share on this forum any images that could possibly be construed as offensive. In deciding whether or not to share any questionable visuals, it's best to err on the side of caution.
- Do not do anything that will disrupt the forum community and the free exchange of ideas.
- Do not demonstrate any behavior that will present The Comics Alternative and its forum in any kind of negative light. Controversy and disagreement are fine, and we strongly encourage free and open discussion/debate. But do not say or do anything on this forum that will reflect badly on the website. Keep in mind that The Comics Alternative is more than just a discussion forum. We have a reputation to maintain within the broader media community.
- Do not assume this forum is an idealized place for people to exercises their limits of free speech. Please share freely, but do so responsibly. This website is owned by The Comics Alternative, and the administrators reserve the right to impose the rules established here.

Anyone who does not follow these rules in good faith and consistently breaks them will get banned from the forum.

All of that being said...Please post and share on the forum, and let's get down to building a fun community!
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