Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 95: The August Previews Catalog and the 2014 Eisner Award Winners

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Our 2nd Birthday!!


With this week’s episode, Andy and Derek celebrate their 2nd anniversary as a podcast! What a time to celebrate…and celebrate, they do, in the form of a hefty, action-packed episode of The Comics Alternative. They begin with a rundown of the 2014 Eisner Award winners, announced recently at the San Diego Comic-Con. Neither of the guys are surprised at the winners — including SagaHawkeyeThe WakeRichard Stark’s Parker: Slayground, and creators such as Brian K. Vaughn, Jeffery Brown, and both Hernandes brothers — although each has his quibble. Next, and Aug2014Previewssince this is the first week of August, the Two Guys spend the remainder of the show discussing the August Previews catalog. This is a generous issue, filled with too many great upcoming comics, more than humans should be allowed to read. Derek and Andy spend a lot of time focusing on new releases from Dark Horse, Image, Fantagraphics, Drawn and Quarterly, and Oni Press, but they mention the titles from other publishers as well. PLUS…this episode is punctuated by a variety of birthday-related music. So light those candles, put on that party hat, and listen to the Two Guys with PhDs as they celebrate their two-year anniversary!

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This episode’s incidental music is brought to you by
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