Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 94: Reviews of Murder Me Dead, Black Market #1, and Low #1

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MurderThis week on The Comics Alternative, Derek and Andy W. discuss three new titles. First they look at the reissue of David Lapham’s Murder Me Dead (Image). Originally a nine-issue miniseries that was later collected as a trade in 2002, the book is now back in print with a new reissue. Low-BlackThe guys discussed Stray Bullets‘ return back in April, and now they’re just as excited to see this release. This is Lapham’s tip of the bristol board to the classic noir films of the 1940s and 1950s. Next, they turn their attention to two new number one issues: Frank J. Barbiere and Victor Santos’s Black Market (BOOM! Studios) and Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini’s Low (Image). The first is a twist on superheroes, looking at them from the street-level and with a more jaundiced eye. In this  new miniseries, Barbiere is asking us who the real heroes actually are. Low, Rememder’s third ongoing title with Image, is a new sci-fi adventure that begins with this premise: what would happen if our sun were going supernova, and we had to live undersea to escape radiation, all the while searching the universe for another inhabitable planet? With Tocchini’s stunning art, we get a fascinating answer.

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