Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 91.1: The Teaching Difficult Texts Panel at HeroesCon 2014

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“Our purpose is to educate, not titillate”


On this special episode of The Comics Alternative, the Two Guys with PhDs bring you a recording of the “Teaching Difficult Texts” panel that was held at HeroesCon a couple of weeks ago. One of the Two Guys, Andy, was a participant on this panel. Joining him in the discussion were Mike Kobre from Queens University and Dana Hayward from HarperCollins. Shawn Daughhetee served as the panel moderator. It’s an engaging panel, focusing on teaching comics and methodological approaches to using controversial texts in the classroom. The panelists touch upon such topics as racial stereotypes, the visualization of violence, and sexual explicitness.

This panel recording originally appeared on The Dollar Bin podcast. A very special thanks to Adam Daughhetee and the rest of the Dollar Bin crew for making this recording at the con, and for allowing The Comics Alternative to share it with its listeners.

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