Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 89.1: Interviews with Creators at HeroesCon 2014

Talk from the Floor


On this special episode of The Comics Alternative, Andy shares his experiences last week at the 2014 Heroes Convention (or HeroesCon) in Charlotte, NC. Derek couldn’t make it this year, so Andy fills him in on what he missed and shares his thoughts on the many people he met and the many adventures he had at the event, which included fine dining and Bob Hope comics. Most notable are his interviews with various writers and illustrators in Artists Alley, and presented on this podcast. You’ll hear Andy talk with Brian Clevinger, Andy Hirsch, Kyle Starks, Frank Barbiere, Gabriel Dunston, and Max Dowdle. He had other interesting conversations at the con — for example, with the Hernandez brothers, Matt Kindt, and Denis Kitchen — and although those were not recorded, Andy nonetheless discusses many of those encounters. In this episode, you will hear that special one-on-one interaction, a smooth, nougaty combination of intellectual curiosity and personal camaraderie, that you’ve come to expect from the Two Guys with PhDs in their never-ending quest for thoughtful comics talk.

Be sure to visit the websites of the artists featured on this episode:

Brian Clevinger

Andy Hirsch

Kyle Starks

Frank Barbiere

Gabriel Dunston

Max M. Dowdle

Read works by some of the creators Andy spoke with at the con:

This episode’s incidental music is brought to us by
Camper Van Beethoven’s Telephone Free Landslide Victory

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