Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 63: Our Special Thanksgiving Show

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“Wilt heden nu treden”


This being the week of Thanksgiving, Andy and Derek thought that they would use this week’s show to share what they are thankful for regarding comics. And one of the first things that they are thankful for is the company of Gene Kannenberg, Jr., who joins the guys to give his own comics-inspired thanks. Together, the Three Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics reveal their thankfulness for a variety of things, including some of the comics events they have attended this year, the creators they have had the good fortunate to meet and/or interview, the publishers who consistently put out the best material, the innovators who continue to push the boundaries of the medium, the writing styles that never fail to disappoint, and the series that offer some of the most significant archival works and with the best reproduction quality available. There are no turkeys here…only the most appetizing menu you can imagine.

And Happy Hanukkah as well!

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This week’s incidental music is brought to you by
The Louvin Brothers’ Close Harmony,
Kenny Ellis’s Hanukkah Swings!, and
Paul McCartney’s MoMac’s Hidden Tracks, Vol. 4

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