Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 100.2: Talking with Creators at the Small Press Expo

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Small Is Better


Andy W. heads to this year’s Small Press Expo, and there he talks with fifteen different creators about their work, their upcoming projects, and their experiences at the expo. In this special episode, you’ll hear brief interviews with James Kochalka, Box Brown, Ellen Linder, Michael DeForge, Renee French, Ed Piskor, Jason Shiga, Nate Powell, Gregory Robison, Evan Dahm, Rachel Dukes, Luke Howard, B. M. Prager, Lucy Bellwood, and Noah Van Sciver. There are a lot of fun nuggets packed into this show, so enjoy SPX vicariously through the interview prowess of Andy.

Familiarize yourself with the works of the artists interviewed on this show:

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