Shea Hennum

Shea Hennum doesn’t have his PhD yet (stay tuned for that!), but he used to work in a comic book store. He knows they’re not exactly the same thing, but this isn’t a competition. His parent’s pride in him peaked when he was 13 and he published his first short comic in a small fanzine anthology. Since then Shea has contributed prose fiction and creative non-fiction to over a dozen fanzines and semi-professional markets. He currently generates most of the comics-related content for, and contributes to The first comic he can remember reading is his dad’s copy of Kingdom Come #1, though he vaguely remembers holding up that Rob Liefeld Captain America cover — y’know, the one where Cap has a tiny head and giant breasts — and asking his family what the hell was going on here. He’s since learned that the answer is: “Rob Liefeld is a sucka MC and you should probably just go read AKIRA again.”

Articles by Shea: