Nick Bridwell

Nick Bridwell is one of those lifetime comic lovers. He thinks it probably started as an “inside” hobby to avoid the “outside” 100+ degree summers in South Texas. He found out pretty early on that a good storyline in a comic could be just as powerful as the world’s greatest novels. Even at age 10 he was comparing DC’s Death of Superman comic arc with The Death and Life of Superman novelization by Roger Stern. His love of telling stories — inspired by the works of Adams, O’Neal, and Dixon just as much as Dickens, Sir Walter Scott, and Jules Verne — has inspired his career as a writer. In 2014, Nick published his first novel, The Ties That Bind (Fiction Supply Co, as Nicholas Bridwell). He summarizes the book as “a globetrotting, five-family multigenerational saga with a murder mystery twist.” In other words, a literary martini. He has also published short fiction in literary journals and pop culture essays in digital publications, such as, and in printed anthologies, such as the highly regarded compendium Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion. He’s interviewed bona fide rock stars — Sean Lennon, Pete Yorn, and Fran Healy, to name a few — as well as professionals like Nada Andric, who designed the interiors for the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on Earth! Nick lives in Plano, TX, with his beautiful wife Jessica. He hopes that one day he can turn a few graphic novel scripts into works of art with the help of an artistic partner.

Articles by Nick: