Commentary: Masterpiece Comics Theater

by Derek Royal

Masterpiece Comics Theater

Back in October, I interviewed R. Sikoryak about the publication of his self-published Masterpiece Mini-Comics, speaking with him about his work in comics adaptation, the art of parody, and his love of the classics and comics history. Now, Bob is doing another type of translation, taking his various Masterpiece comics and adapting them for the stage. (So in a way, you could call his work “adaptations twice removed”…either that, or maybe “post-post-modern.”) His unique brand of medium hopping — from literary prose, to comics, to dramatic performance — can be experienced next month at Brooklyn’s Brick Theater. In June, the theater order levitra from canada will be presenting a 75-minute multimedia show called Masterpiece Comics Theater, created by Sikoryak. The performance will adapt the pieces in Masterpiece Comics and its sequel, Masterpiece Mini-Comics, using projections, a rotating cast of voice actors, and live sound effects in the manner of Bob’s long running Carousel Comics performance series.


Show dates and times are:

Sat 6/14, 8:15 PM
Tue 6/17, 7:00 PM
Sat 6/21, 4:45 PM

It’s where classics and cartoons collide!

For more information, visit the Brick Theater website or the Comic Book Theater Festival’s Facebook page.


Be sure to check out Masterpiece Comics as well as Bob’s other work. And you can order a copy of Masterpiece Mini-Comics by going to Bob’s website and contacting him directly


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