Commentary: Cosplay at the Dallas Comic Con

by Zoe Royal

On May 18th I went to the Dallas Comic Con to check out the cosplay situation as a reporter for The Comics Alternative. Wandering around I saw several different cosplays, from comic books to anime to movies. I noticed multiple Attack on Titan cosplayers, including myself. My outfit attracted attention, and a lot of people stopped me to take my photo. There were a number of cosplayers that I found particularly interesting, including members of the Akatsuki from Naruto, ZoeNathanDave Striders from Homestuck, and a few Grell Sutcliffs from Black Butler. Among the more elaborate cosplay activity was from the steampunk genre. But in my opinion, the best cosplay I found was one of Cloud from Final Fantasy. I was most impressed by his true-to-character giant sword.

One of the most popular cosplays I noticed was from the Firefly series. This seemed fitting, seeing as how almost the entire cast was at this year’s Dallas Comic Con. Thanks to my press pass and one of the con’s press liaisons, Sophie, I was able to get backstage after a Firefly panel and get a selfie with Nathan Fillion, the actor that plays Captain Malcom Reynolds.

The con was filled with different cosplayers from many different shows and comics. Even if you’re not into superheroes, the Dallas Comic Con offers something for everyone, and I always look forward to the event.


Get cosplay ideas for your next con by checking out some of the titles mentioned in this article: 


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