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A Brand New Weekly Series!

The Comics Alternative is launching a brand new weekly series devoted to independent, small-press, and creator-owned Kickstarter campaigns that are comics-related. Every Saturday morning you’ll hear a brief conversation with a creator, or creative team, with a Kickstarter campaign underway, where Derek talks with them about their project, the story behind their ideas, the various levels of support, and why listeners should back their efforts. Since the vast majority of creators on Kickstarter are self-publishing or with very small presses, it just makes sense that The Comics Alternative help give voice to these projects.

On this inaugural episode of the series, Derek talks with Allison O’Toole about TO Comix Press’ Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women. She serves as the lead editor of this collection, which will include 25 stories from 38 writers and artists. As Allison reveals, what distinguishes this anthology is its focus is on non-binary and female monsters drawn and written by creators from all over the world and who identify as women or gender-nonconforming. It’s a fascinating endeavor and worth backing.

Be sure to check out their Kickstarter site, and for more information, visit the Wayward Sisters website. You can learn more about the project by contacting the creators via social media:






Sample Art


“Best Boo” – Megan Kearney

“The Wife’s Shadow” – Janice Liu



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