Comics Alternative Interviews: Miss Lasko-Gross and Kevin Colden



While Andy and Derek were at HeroesCon last weekend, they talked briefly with a variety of creators in Artists Alley — see last Tuesday’s show for those conversations — but they also had the chance to sit down for longer, more substantive interviews. And they made it a point to do so with Miss Lasko-Gross and Kevin Colden, the creators behind the new series from Z2 Comics, The Sweetness. The first issue has just been released, so the guys had the opportunity, thanks to Miss and Kevin, to read it and ask LaskoGross-Colden at HeroesContheir guests about this unique title. Miss and Kevin describe The Sweetness as a mix between Star Wars and Breaking Bad, where a group of ex-cons and low-level criminals work for a UPS-like delivery service in space…but with a focus on badass women smugglers. Derek and Andy ask specifically about the two unlikely paired female protagonists, Nelly and Scout, but they also discuss their inept male companion Bachmaan, a curious character who Miss admits to not being able to kill off, especially given the way that Kevin has drawn him. The two guests also discuss their working relationship, the benefits and challenges of being married and working on the same title. In fact, Miss and Kevin work so productively together that many times during the interview, the Two Guys just sit back and let their guests carry the back-and-forth. The result is an engaging conversation about this promising new series, one that the guys hope will be shuttling illegal cargo for a long time.


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