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Josh Bayer Interview Bonus Feature

Yesterday we released our interview with Josh Bayer about his new series from Fantagraphics, All Time Comics. During our conversation with Josh, he referenced the efforts of his filmmaker brother, Samuel, and the promotional video he created for the comic: We

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Peter Kuper Interview Bonus Feature

If you enjoyed The Comics Alternative interview with Peter Kuper and the discussion surrounding his new book, Ruins, then you can keep up with Peter’s whereabouts via the following: Oct. 20 – Library of Congress Washington, DC (Presentation at noon) Oct. 21 – Pollinator Project,

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Signatures from SPX 2015

When Andy W. and Derek attended the Small Press Expo a couple of weeks ago, both were able to get many of the creators to sign copies of their books. Here are some of the signatures that Derek was able

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Marisa Acocella Marchetto Interview Bonus Feature

In yesterday’s posting, Andy and Derek interviewed Marisa Acocella Marchetto about her new book, Ann Tenna. Part of their conversation was devoted to the genesis of the book and how the idea evolved from the artist’s initial conception. Last month

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Haun and Hurley Interview Bonus Feature

In the guys’ recent interview with Jeremy Haun and Jason Hurley, they ask the creators about a unique publicity campaign leading up to issue #1 of The Beauty: the beauty condom and pamphlet. This has caused where to buy levitra

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Episode 145 Bonus Feature

On this week’s show, Andy and Derek take a look at Leisure, a minicomic from Tim Comrie. As fate would have it, around the same time the guys were recording this episode, Tim was posting a strip on his new

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Fialkov and Chamberlain Interview Bonus Feature

In their recent interview with Joshua Hale Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain, and talking about their new book, Punks: The Comic, Vol 1: Nutpuncher, the Two Guys were specifically fascinated by what happens when the actual creators make an appearance in their

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Episode 132 Bonus Feature

On this week’s review show Derek and Andy discuss François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters’s The Leaning Girl, released last year in a new English translation from Alaxis Press. The publisher plans to put out all eleven volumes of The Obscure Cities series, and you can find

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Jim Rugg Interview Bonus Feature

In their recent interview with Jim Rugg, the Two Guys talk with the creator about the differences between the first printing of Street Angel and the most recent one just released through AdHouse. Jim points out that the difference involves

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Gilbert Hernandez Interview Bonus Feature: The Naked Cosmos

In their recent interview with Gilbert Hernandez, the guys talked with Beto not only about his comics, but also about The Naked Cosmos, a series of homemade videos reminiscent of old local channel or UHF late-night monster shows. The series was released on

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Zak Sally Interview Bonus Feature: Duluth and the Network Stars!

On the recent interview with Zak Sally, Zak and Andy waxed nostalgic about the kind of commercials coming out of Duluth in the 1980s in its efforts to encourage tourism. Of particular interest were spots featuring Telly Savalas as well

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Episode 46 Bonus Feature: Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis in Action!

This week on the show, Andy and Derek interview Matt Fraction, and during the conversation they talk a lot about Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Here are a couple of clips of what they referred to in the interview. Enjoy,

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