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Comics Alternative Kickstarter: What Now, Bruno?

An Artist’s Dilemma On this week’s Kickstarter episode, Derek talks with Bruno Oliveira about his project What Now, Bruno? This is an autobiographical work exploring what can happen to a comics artist once he’s established himself in the industry. Bruno has

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Comics Alternative Kickstarter: LAAB Magazine #0: Dark Matter

Crossroads of Identity and Culture This week Derek talks with Ronald Wimberly, Josh O’Neill, and Maëlle Doliveux about their Kickstarter project LAAB Magazine #0: Dark Matter. Published by Beehive Books, this will be a tabloid-sized newspaper annual filled with comics, interviews,

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Comics Alternative Kickstarter: SCI: The Jewish Comics Anthology, Vol. 2

Out of This World Jewish Stories   For the second episode of The Comics Alternative‘s new Kickstarter series, Derek talks with Andy Stanleigh and Steven Bergson about their project, SCI: The Jewish Comics Anthology, Vol. 2. This book will be released

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Comics Alternative Kickstarter: Wayward Sisters

A Brand New Weekly Series! The Comics Alternative is launching a brand new weekly series devoted to independent, small-press, and creator-owned Kickstarter campaigns that are comics-related. Every Saturday morning you’ll hear a brief conversation with a creator, or creative team,

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Mike Dawson

Fathers’ Day On this episode of the interview series — the very first for cohost Paul Lai! — the Two Guys with PhDs are pleased to have as their guest Mike Dawson. His latest book, Rules for Dating My Daughter: The Modern

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Episode 178: Reviews of Nod Away, Gulag Casual, and Haunted Love #1

Intrusions This week the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics discuss three very different titles. They begin with Joshua W. Cotter’s Nod Away (Fantagraphics), an ambitious sci-fi narrative that explores the impact, and the costs, of technological progress. At least

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Isaac Cates and Michael Wenthe

Maps and Legends On this interview episode, Derek talks with Isaac Cates and Michael Wenthe about their creator-owned series, Cartozia Tales. In what will be a ten-issue run, the series is centered on the fantastical realm of Cartozia, complete with diverse terrain, detailed

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Episode 165: A Publisher Spotlight on Locust Moon Press

How High the Moon One of the things that has defined 2015 for The Comics Alternative has been the number of Publisher Spotlights it’s presented — seven, up until today. (Click HERE for a link to previous spotlights!) This week, the Two

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Episode 165 Teaser: A Conversation with Josh O’Neill

Tomorrow the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics will release a Publisher Spotlight episode devoted to the fall releases from Locust Moon Press. As part of that show, Derek talks briefly with the Locust Moon publisher, Josh O’Neill, about

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Episode 157: Steve Ditko’s Self-Published Comics

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] An Avenging Mind On this special episode of the podcast, Andy and Derek take a look at a variety of Steve Ditko’s self-published comics. Since 2008, Ditko, along with Robin Snyder, has been putting out original

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On Location: General Comics Talk at Collected Comics and Games

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Make War No More Derek is back at his local shop, Collected Comics and Games in Plano, TX, and this month the topic is open and general comics talk. Anything goes, and over the coarse of

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Kyle Starks

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Bringing a You to a Me Fight On this interview show, Andy and Derek are happy to talk with Kyle Starks, the man behind the new book from Image, Sexcastle. The guys speak with Kyle about the book’s

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