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Comics Alternative Interviews: Back with Peter Bagge

Time Codes: 00:00:25 – Introduction 00:02:25 – Setup of interview 00:04:45 – Interview with Peter Bagge 01:35:33 – Wrap up 01:37:22 – Contact us “Forever on the horizon, never out of sight” The Two Guys are pleased to have Peter Bagge back on

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Webcomics: Reviews of The Great McGonagall, Sufficiently Remarkable, and The Boston Metaphysical Society

Time Codes: 00:00:29 – Introduction 00:03:12 – Touching base 00:03:53 – Listener email! 00:08:54 – The Great McGonagall 00:26:19 – Sufficiently Remarkable 00:54:05 – Checking in with Jim McClain 01:12:35 – The Boston Metaphysical Society 01:35:22 – Wrap up 01:36:30 – Contact us An Historic(al)

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Luke Healy

Time Codes: 00:00:24 – Introduction 00:02:25 – Setup of interview 00:03:50 – Interview with Luke Healy 01:03:07 – Wrap up 01:03:37 – Contact us Survivor On this interview episode, Derek talks with Luke Healy. His new book How to Survive in the North comes out

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Box Brown

Time Codes: 00:24 – Introduction 02:14 – Setup of interview 02:57 – Interview with Box Brown 53:28 – Wrap up 54:53 – Contact us Players On this episode of the interview series Derek talks with Box Brown, whose new book Tetris: The Games

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Nate Powell and Andrew Aydin

Time Codes: 00:00:25 – Introduction 00:02:42 – Setup of interview 00:03:56 – Interview with Nate Powell 01:10:11 – Interview with Andrew Aydin 02:12:26 – Wrap up 02:13:57 – Contact us The Pen and Government Man On this interview show, Andy and Derek do something

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Euro Comics: Reviews of Irmina and Adam Sarlech: A Trilogy

European Getaway How do the Two Guys with PhDs celebrate America’s Independence Day? Why, by using the July 4th holiday to launch their brand new monthly series devoted to European comics. That’s right, similar to what the podcast already does

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Zach Worton

Dark Places In this episode of The Comics Alternative‘s interview series, Derek talks with Zach Worton about his new book, The Search for Charley Butters, just out from Conundrum Press. This is the second in a planned trilogy, and one beginning

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Young Readers: Reviews of Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales: Alamo All-Stars, The Nameless City, and Paper Girls, Vol. 1

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Of Conflicts and Outsiders This month on The Comics Alternative‘s Young Readers series, the Two Hep Cats with PhDs Talking about Comics review three new releases that are different in terms of setting and genre, but

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Sonny Liew

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Drawn from History On this interview episode, Gwen and Derek are pleased to have as their guest Sonny Liew, whose latest work, The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, was just released from Pantheon Books.

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Manga: Reviews of Shigeru Mizuki’s Hitler and Message to Adolf

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] This is NOT the History Channel Another month, another healthy dose of manga! For November, Shea and Derek make it a themed episode, one whose binding tie is an unlikely and infamous historical figure. To coincide with

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Episode 152: Reviews of Nanjing: The Burning City, Plutona #1, and Lose #7

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Forgotten History, Discovered Family On this week’s review show, Derek and Andy W. look at three new titles, beginning with the new graphic novel from Ethan Young, Nanjing: The Burning City (Dark Horse). This is a riveting

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On Location: Teaching Comics through a Historical Context Panel at HeroesCon 2015

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Historic Talk On Friday of last week, the first day of HeroesCon, both Andy and Derek participated on a discussion panel, “Teaching Comics through a Historical Context.” This was organized by Shawn and Adam Daughhetee

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