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Comics Alternative Kickstarter: The North Star: The Emancipation of Frederick Douglass

  Inspiring On this weekend’s Kickstarter episode, Derek talks with Barron Bell and Koi Turnbull about their campaign The North Star: The Emancipation of Frederick Douglass. It’s a graphic adaptation of the memoir, Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, and it’s the first

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Comics Alternative Kickstarter: Ada’s Adventures in Science

It’s Poetry in Motion This week Derek talks with Edward Gomez and Laura Sorvala about their Kickstarter campaign Ada’s Adventures in Science. This project began as a three-comic-book series, starting with the idea, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” The ultimate

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Back with Andy Hirsch

Time Codes: 00:25 – Introduction 02:55 – Setup of interview 04:20 – Interview with Andy Hirsch 57:15 – Wrap up 59:51 – Contact us Acorn Flipper Andy Hirsch is back on the podcast, and this time he talks with Gwen and Derek

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Young Readers: Reviews of Compass South, Secret Coders: Paths and Portals, and Level Up

Pairings This month, Andy and Gwen discuss a three graphic novels for young readers that are written by pairs of comics creators. Compass South (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) brings together Hope Larson (Chiggers; A Wrinkle in Time) with Rebecca Mock,

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On Location: The Comics Canon: Reloaded!!!! Fire!!!! Panel at HeroesCon 2016

Canon Fodder In the last of The Comics Alternative‘s four episodes created while at HeroesCon 2016, the Two Guys present a recording of panel discussion on which they participated, “The Comics Canon: Reloaded!!!! Fire!!!!” This event took place on the afternoon

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Episode 185: A Publisher Spotlight on Alternative Comics and Its Small Press Co-op

Inversion This week the Two Guys with PhDs focus a critical spotlight on the spring releases coming out from Alternative Comics and the other small presses that are part of its distribution co-operative, Floating World Comics, Hic + Hoc Productions, Study

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Interview: Nick Sousanis

Conducted by Pedro Moura Ever since Unflattening was published it has triggered much discussion. Nick Sousanis’ book, a result of his PhD dissertation in comics form, is one of those projects that deserves less an epidermal response in the form

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Young Readers: Reviews of Rust: The Boy Soldier, Sweaterweather and Other Short Stories, and Dinosaurs: Fossils and Feathers

Healthy Reading This month, both Gwen and Andy are battling colds, so it’s “Two sick people with PhDs talking about comics for young readers!” But there’s nothing unhealthy about the three comics Gwen and Andy discuss on this month’s show:

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Episode 179: Reviews of Patience and Visual Storytelling: An Illustrated Reader

Lesson Plans This week on the review show, Andy and Derek focus on two notable titles, one that has been greatly publicized and the other that has come in under the radar. The former is Daniel Clowes’s Patience (Fantagraphics), the

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Episode 172: Reviews of My Degeneration, Aliceheimer’s, Pencil Head #1, and The Cask of Amontillado

Monsters and Diseases It’s time for another round of insightful reviews, and this week Gwen and Derek have just what the doctored ordered. In fact, the first two books they discuss are part of Penn State University Press’ Graphic Medicine series. Peter Dunlap-Shohl’s My Degeneration:

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Tom Hart

Circles Gene and Derek start off the week presenting a powerful interview with Tom Hart. His new book, Rosalie Lightning: A Graphic Memoir, is being released this week from St. Martin’s Press, and it’s an honest and heartrending work. It chronicles the days following

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Comics Alternative Special: A Roundtable Discussion on Religion and Comics

Like a Prayer On this special episode of the podcast, Derek moderates a roundtable discussion on religion and comics. Joining him on the panel are Elizabeth Coody (teaching at the Iliff School of Theology), Jeff Brackett (Ball State University), and

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