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Comics Alternative Interviews: Roz Chast

Time Codes: 00:00:24 – Introduction 00:02:38 – Setup of interview 00:04:40 – Interview with Roz Chast 01:12:04 – Wrap up 01:13:54 – Contact us Rat Afterbirth Paul and Derek are pleased to have on The Comics Alternative the great cartoonist, Roz Chast. Her new

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Interview: Ian Gordon

Conducted by Pedro Moura While not the first book from Palgrave MacMillan delving into comics, Kid Comic Strips. A Genre Across Four Countries is one of the first volumes from the publisher’s newly-minted series, “Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic

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Episode 237: Reviews of Star Hawks, Vol. 1: 1977-1978, Street Angel: After School Kung Fu Special, and Godshaper #1

Time Codes: 00:00:33 – Introduction 00:02:42 – We’ll be at HeroesCon! 00:05:09 – Star Hawks, Vol. 1: 1977-1978 00:41:32 – Street Angel: After School Kung Fu Special 00:54:09 – Godshaper #1 01:07:23 – Wrap up 01:08:18 – Contact us Nifty Looking Ladies On this

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Karl Stevens

Time Codes: 00:00:24 – Introduction 00:02:26 – Setup of interview 00:04:01 – Interview with Karl Stevens 01:26:32 – Wrap up 01:28:02 – Contact us Diluted Horse Piss On this interview episode, Derek talks with Karl Steven about Penny, his current weekly/semiweekly strip appearing in The Village

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Benjamin Frisch

“Family,” Not “Home” For this interview show, Gwen and Derek talk with Benjamin Frisch about his new book from Top Shelf Productions, The Fun Family. In many ways, this is a parody of Bil and Jeff Keane’s The Family Circus. The narrative concerns

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Tom Manning

Dimensions On this interview episode, Derek talks with Tom Manning, whose most recent work, Runoff, was released late last year from One Peace Books. They discuss the genesis of the project — how it began as a self-published serial and then

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Episode 166: Reviews of Killing and Dying, Taddle Creek #36, Barrier #1, and The Unabridged Graphic Adaptation of iTunes Terms and Conditions

“Gene’s cubical perspective” For this week’s review show, Gene and Derek are back with an extra long episode jam-packed with nougaty comics goodness. They begin with Adrian Tomine’s Killing and Dying (Drawn and Quarterly), his new book collecting issues twelve through fourteen of Optic Nerve. (Be sure

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Dean Mullaney

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] It’s Good to Be the King On this episode of the interview series, Andy and Derek are happy to have as their guest Dean Mullaney, the editor of IDW’s the Library of American Comics and

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Webcomics: Reviews of Space Mullet, Vinny: El Perro de la Balbuena, and Johnson and Sir

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Mullets, Cheesecake, and Fantasyville For September’s webcomics episode, Sean and Derek have some fun titles lined up for you, the devoted Comics Alternative listener. They begin with an incredible futuristic sci-fi series partially informed by one of the

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Episode 136: A Publisher Spotlight on Conundrum Press

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Puzzling Out Conundrum This week on The Comics Alternative, the Two Guys with PhDs are back with another Publisher Spotlight episode, this time focusing on the spring 2015 releases from Conundrum Press. They begin the show

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Dakota McFadzean

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Smiling Faces Sometimes On this episode of The Comics Alternative Interviews, Derek talks with Dakota McFadzean about the release of the latest issue of Irene — co-edited with Andy Warner and DW — as well as his

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Episode 113: Reviews of The Wake, True Stories, Vol. 1, and ODY-C #1

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Is Double Ending Dirty? This week the Two Guys with PhDs (talking about comics) are back for another review episode, and this one is jam-packed with nougaty comics goodness. They begin with Scott Snyder and

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