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Episode 241: Reviews of Boundless and User

Time Codes: 00:01:23 – Introduction 00:05:11 – Welcome new Patreon supporters! 00:08:34 – Boundless 00:44:55 – User 01:16:41 – Wrap up 01:17:43 – Contact us Reality Askew This week on the review show Paul joins Derek in discussing two new recent releases.

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Episode 179: Reviews of Patience and Visual Storytelling: An Illustrated Reader

Lesson Plans This week on the review show, Andy and Derek focus on two notable titles, one that has been greatly publicized and the other that has come in under the radar. The former is Daniel Clowes’s Patience (Fantagraphics), the

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Episode 167: A Review of The Best American Comics 2015

Bested? As has become an annual event, Andy and Derek use their penultimate show of the year to discuss the current volume of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s The Best American Comics. The series is overseen by Bill Kartalopoulos — whom the

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Interview: Joe Ollmann

Conducted by Derek Royal I first became familiar with Joe Ollmann’s work while researching comic-book adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems. In a volume of Eureka Publications’ Graphic Classics series, one devoted to Poe, I discovered a wonderful

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Derek on This Month’s Comic Book Page Mayo Report – Trades

More comics podcast cross-pollination! Derek helps out with this month’s “Mayo Report” on the trades, talking with John Mayo on his Comic Book Page podcast about the sales estimates for the top-selling trades, original graphic novels, and archival editions for January 2015.

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Commentary: The Complete Peanuts – An Appreciation

by Andy Wolverton “Well! Here comes ol’ Charlie Brown! Good ol’ Charlie Brown… yes, sir! Good ol’ Charlie Brown… How I hate him!” Longtime fans of the newspaper strip Peanuts (which ran from October 1950 to February 2000) may not

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Episode 122: Reviews of Corto Maltese: Under the Sign of Capricorn, Effigy #1, and The Unwritten: Apocalypse #12

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Beginnings and Endings This week on the podcast, Derek and Andy discuss beginnings, endings, and renewals. They start with the latter, looking at the first in a projected twelve-volume Hugo Pratt collection from IDW/EuroComics, Corto Maltese: Under

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Episode 115: A Review of The Best American Comics 2014

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] More Better Best On this episode of the podcast, the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics review The Best American Comics 2014, the latest installment in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s ambitious anthology series. This follows

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Bill Kartalopoulos

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Setting Up the Best On this episode of The Comics Alternative Interviews, and in anticipation of their review show later this week, Andy and Derek are pleased to talk with the new editor of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Best

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Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 86.1: A Roundtable Discussion on Trade Waiting

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] The Waiting Is the Hardest Part On this special episode of The Comics Alternative, Andy and Derek are joined by the guys at the podcast Comics for Fun and Profit for a lively discussion on trade waiting. They discuss

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Comics Alternative Interviews: More Craig Yoe

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] “You can’t go wrong with booty” For this interview show, Andy and Derek go down the rabbit hole in another conversation with the ever-talented, ever-entertaining Craig Yoe. They primarily discuss Craig’s latest projects, Alice in Comicland and the new Weird

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Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 85: Reviews of Simon & Kirby: Horror! and Trees #1

Listen to the podcast! [powerpress] Send Us Your Dreams It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for your weekly visit from the doctors! This week on the show the Two Guys with PhDs review two new titles. First, they look at

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