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Interview: Christopher Pizzino

Conducted by Pedro Moura Christopher Pizzino, Arresting Development: Comics at the Boundaries of Literature. University of Texas Press: Austin, TX: 2016. I have no doubt that Christopher Pizzino’s book, Arresting Development, will become a reference we will return to time

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Review: Fun

By Pedro Moura Fun — Paolo Bacilieri (SelfMadeHero) While Fun is not Paolo Bacilieri‘s first book, it is undoubtedly his most accomplished one so far in terms of complexity and even size, as well as the first being translated into English

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Interview: Maaheen Ahmed

Conducted by Pedro Moura   Maaheen Ahmed, Openness of Comics. Generating Meaning within Flexible Structures. Jackson, MI: The University Press of Mississippi: 2016.   Maaheen Ahmed is a young, active, and promising comics scholar, whose output will undoubtedly become a

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Commentary: Michigan State University Comic Art and Graphic Novel Podcast

by Andy Kunka We mentioned this podcast on the show several months ago, but I want to encourage listeners of The Comics Alternative who haven’t done so to check out the Michigan State University Comic Art and Graphic Novel Podcast. Host Ryan

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Interview: Nicolas Labarre

Conducted by Pedro Moura                     Heavy Metal, l’autre Métal Hurlant (“Heavy Metal, the Other Métal Hurlant”) came out earlier this year by the Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux. While there is no

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Review: It’s no longer I that liveth

By Pedro Moura It’s no longer I that liveth— Francisco Sousa Lobo (Chili Com Carne & Mundo Fantasma) Within the global economy of comics, there are many unavoidable blind spots. A significant part of this is the lack of wider

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Review: Stardust Nation

By Pedro Moura Stardust Nation–Deborah Levy and Andrzej Klimowski (Self Made Hero) With the overwhelming supply of comics production of our time, it is as easy to overlook certain titles as to overreact about the need to “correct” the course

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Review: Descender Vol. 1 – 3

By Johnny Hall and Paul Lai Descender Vol 1-3 In the spirit of the “Two PhDs Talking about Comics,” the Comics Alternative Blog is trying a new format: reviews that are dialogues between two comics critics, assessing a work from

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Review: The Return of the Honey Buzzard

By Pedro Moura The Return of the Honey Buzzard– Aimée de Jongh (SelfMadeHero) We have come a long way since the emergence of book-long & -bound comics. For a reader of my age (40ish), exposed to different international models, from

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Commentaries on the 2016 Eisner Award Nominations

For the third year in a row, the Two Guys with PhDs featured a special Eisner Award Nominations episode of the Comics Alternative podcast. This time they were joined by eminent comics scholar, Eisner nomination committee member, and friend of

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Review: Amadeo & Maladeo

By Pedro Moura  Amadeo & Maladeo: A Musical Duet— R. O. Blechman (Fantagraphics) In the 1950s, the Emmy-winning animator and New Yorker cartoonist R.O. Blechman created a proto graphic novel that was based on a medieval legend: The Juggler of Our Lady.

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Review: The Beauty

Reviewed by John Royal The Beauty, Vol. 1 – Jason A. Hurley and Jeremy Haun (Image Comics) The Beauty begins with a strong premise: Two years ago saw eponymous STD “The Beauty,” an STD which gives the infected a constant slight

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