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Review: Descender Vol. 1 – 3

By Johnny Hall and Paul Lai Descender Vol 1-3 In the spirit of the “Two PhDs Talking about Comics,” the Comics Alternative Blog is trying a new format: reviews that are dialogues between two comics critics, assessing a work from

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Commentaries on the 2016 Eisner Award Nominations

For the third year in a row, the Two Guys with PhDs featured a special Eisner Award Nominations episode of the Comics Alternative podcast. This time they were joined by eminent comics scholar, Eisner nomination committee member, and friend of

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Review: Violenzia and Other Deadly Amusements by Richard Sala

By Paul F. Lai Violenzia and Other Deadly Amusements – Richard Sala (Fantagraphics Books) Richard Sala’s long-standing achievement in cartooning still manages to go under the radar somehow. I have always found his work scintillating; he is one of those

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Review: Hero Book 1 and Hero Book 2 by David Rubín

By Paul F. Lai The Hero: Book 1 – David Rubín (Dark Horse Books) The Hero: Book 2 – David Rubín (Dark Horse Books) The Hero Book Two, recently released from Dark Horse Books, is the second part of David Rubín’s epic

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Interview: Deborah E. Whaley

We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Deborah E. Whaley, Professor of American Studies at University of Iowa, about her new book, Black Women in Sequence: Re-Inking Comics, Graphic Novels, and Anime, published by University of Washington in 2015.