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Interview: Grigoriy Kogan

Conducted by Aaron Alexander Grigoriy Kogan is an accomplished gag cartoonist and founder of, a site dedicated to helping grow income for humor cartoonists. (Note of full disclosure: conductor of this interview, Aaron Alexander, has some of his own cartoons licensed with

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Interview: Keith Knight

Conducted by Aaron Alexander Keith Knight: rapper, cartoonist, speaker, social critic, and much more. Who knew one artist and one sharpie could do so much? Let’s find out how he does it. This interview was conducted via email in September of

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Interview: Mick Stevens

Conducted by Aaron Alexander Mick Stevens has been a cartoonist with the New Yorker for over three decades — selling his first drawing to them in 1979 — a contemporary of the magazine’s cartoon editor Robert Mankoff, as well as cartoonists Roz Chast, Jack

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Interview: Steve Lieber

Conducted by Aaron Alexander Steve Lieber is a true master of the comics form. With such landmark titles as Whiteout, Underground, Shooters, Road to Perdition: 2, and more, he probably does not need an introduction. He is also a founding member of Periscope Studio, a collective of

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Review: Sock Monkey Treasury

by Aaron Alexander Sock Monkey Treasury, Tony Millionaire (Fantagraphics Books) The delight that comes from Sock Monkey, the comic masterpiece by the delightfully named Tony Millionaire (even if it is, or maybe isn’t, his legal name), is almost inexplicable. If one were

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